stark raving you say?


This bottle of Stark Raving Red is just lovely. NOT as lovely as the next bottle of red I’m going to post (it is Lovely, capital Hello) but for around $14 very decent (this Jennifer nails it).

The guy on the label kind of looks like Tom Cruise, doesn’t it? Do with that what you will.




8 Responses to “stark raving you say?”

  1. Sarah says:

    Where did you find that lovely wine glass?

  2. Thanks for the blog shout out! I’m glad you liked it. With a wine label like that, how could you NOT pick it up!

  3. Sonja Finley says:

    I tend to get angry at the drivers in the left lane that drive at or below the speed limit. In fact, if you canโ€™t at least do the speed limit, why are you on the freeway/highway/interstate at all? I hope you arenโ€™t one of those people because you drive me to stark raving red!! Which is why when I saw this wine on the wine shelf of my local shop, I had to pick it up.