real parenting cfax 1070 AM: chatting about the mommy wars

I’m going to be on the radio show Real Parenting CFAX 1070 AM this Saturday, Aug 10 at 12:30pm PST talking about the “Mommy Wars.” Exciting!

You know the whole mommy war thing, right? It’s all that “Are You Mom Enough” and “I work inside/outside the home so I’m better” and “I breastfeed/formula feed so I’m better” and “I’m a good mom OH YES I AM” mumbo jumbo. I’m going to be joined by my friends Sarah-Jane Steele, birth & postpartum doula and pre/postnatal yoga teacher; and Anna Arneja, a child protection social worker and we’re going to discuss why this nonsense needs to STOP ALREADY.

The mommy wars are lame. We have better things to worry about. Like how to function on less sleep than is humanly possible.

Learn more about the show:

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RAFFI IS GOING TO BE ON THE SHOW. He’s a tiny person god.

Off to fight the mommy wars…

2 Responses to “real parenting cfax 1070 AM: chatting about the mommy wars”

  1. melf says:

    I may not be a mommy, but I so agree with you on the mommy wars. I hope it went well!