no more mommy wars! photos

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Remember that photo project all about the Mommy Wars I told you about?

The photos are finally live!

This project is for you if you’ve ever felt judged as a parent. Being a parent can be DIFFICULT. It can also be all kinds of awesome, but when it’s tough we need support from one another, we don’t need to feel like our every move is being scrutinized (we’ve got enough self-doubt going on, trust me).

If you’re a parent or if you plan to be a parent… or if you KNOW parents (you see where I’m headed with this), please go check out our photo project!

No More Mommy Wars, yo!

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2 Responses to “no more mommy wars! photos”

  1. Marilyn Douglas says:

    Good Luck with this exciting project tomorrow Shauna. Great pictures of these happy dedicated young Mums. You ROCK ladies! Have fun at your event.