so this is christmas


Little Miss hangin’ out with her bud, Santa Claus (photo taken by the lovely Vivian Kereki Photography).

As I write this she is sitting beside me saying “No way. Nope. No waaaay.” I’m not sure what she’s referring to, but she’s adamant. Twelve months have passed since her last Santa photo (obviously). Her hair is longer and frames her head in curls, she tells Kayloo to “back up” and “no” and gets mad at her for slobbering on her toys. She told me she loved me 2 days ago. Yesterday she was inconsolable until I figured out she was saying “kiss.” She wanted me to kiss her head where she bonked it. My kiss fixed it. She likes to wear dresses, she LOVES to wear tights and her favourite topics are trucks and “choo choo trains.”

She loves hugs. She loves to dance. She asks me if I need help and if I want a coffee.

Somehow she’s a little person. A whole little person. It seems like a lifetime ago when I was talking to her in my belly. I remember not being able to imagine being in the world and not being pregnant and now I can hardly remember what it was not to know her.

This tiny human has redefined sleep and rest and fun and Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and priorities and worry and nourishment and Christmas. And everything else.

She has redefined everything.

As we launch into the holidays, Merry Christmas!



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