for when we renew our vows

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Minted (check out their Save the Date cards). I wrote it (I wax on about John and I) and the opinions are all mine… Spoiler alert: I think Minted is pretty dang rad.

About Minted: “Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won’t accept anything else.” Holy crap, it’s like they made their site SPECIFICALLY FOR ME. Thanks Minted. High fives.


John proposed to me just outside Dam Square in Amsterdam where I lived in January 2007, a little over a year after we started seeing each other. He proposed on the spot we first kissed under a very Dutch overcast sky and a slight drizzle. A year and a half later we had vacationed in Egypt, moved to Canada, started a business (John), started a marketing job (me), bought a vehicle (I hadn’t driven regularly for a decade), moved out of a one bedroom apartment and into a house (ack!), got used to living in one place for more than a year… and got hitched standing by the water in the sun with our family and friends in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC.

And we planned a wedding.

I didn’t think I was going to be all that fussed about the details… and then my mom and I started dress shopping. That process unleashed my inner princess and it turns out when it comes to champagne coloured fancy dresses the princess quite likes “more” and “shiny.” It wasn’t long before I got my curious fingers on a sparkly tiara and I didn’t look back.

A TIARA, people. I’m not even kidding.

Clicking around Minted I now have all kinds of ideas for what we will do if we ever renew our vows. When we renew our vows? What? I’m not suggesting we get married EVERY YEAR… I’m just saying some hors d’oeuvres and a honeymoon suite couldn’t possibly hurt… feel free to help me put this on John’s radar.

I really like the “New Adventures” theme by oscar + emma. I think it is sweet and clean and not too formal.

new adventures

I adore “You In or What?” I might chicken out at the last minute and go for something a bit more formal, but honestly? It’s perfect and hilarious and a great reminder about what the day is all about: having fun with the people you love.

you in or what

I am really liking themes that feature the couple prominently. “Retro Numbers” by Jill Means is similar… maybe I’m just falling in love with these gorgeous couples…

retro numbers

If we didn’t go with a photo card I think I’d go with “She Said Yes” by Carrie Eckert- you can put your story right on the card! I love how personal that is and I am wishing I had thought of it when I was sending out our cards…

she said yes

 And then for the wine lovers (of course)- “Little Wine Charmers“:


I am in love with Not only is the site beautiful and intuitive with designs that are highly customizable, I love what Minted stands for as a community: It’s crowd-sourced creativity that gives indie designers a platform. Watch the video on their About Us page to meet some of their designers and fall in love just a little bit more.

What are your favourite designs? Are you married? Do you have your themes picked out?

And most importantly:

Do you think it is likely John will ever EVER go for the whole renewing our vows thing…? 😉


Photography: Our wedding photo by Concept Photography

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