so long (for now) victoria… hello kelowna!

It’s happening… it’s happening… it’s happening! Our little family is moving away from the island we have called home for the last 7 years.

(all photos taken by the very talented Vivian Kereki Photography at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC)

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki

We are moving to Kelowna, BC… that’s a 1/2 hour drive + a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride + a 5ish hour drive away from here.  The movers come on Saturday and then the house will be empty. We’re moving on. No turning back.

Holy crap.

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki

I had a wee bit of a freak out yesterday. The idea of uprooting our lives to be closer to family has been a far away shimmer of a thought for so long… and now BAM! Here it is! I may or may not have sent a frantic text to John yesterday suggesting that maybe we should just scrap this whole thing, unpack the 4,000 boxes stacked in every corner of the house, order Thai and drink wine instead.

He said no so clearly John is the meanest.

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki

Victoria has been really good to us. Some highlights:

  • buying our first house together- this was awesome and incredibly stressful. Many nights spent staring at the ceiling in terror rather than sleeping
  • getting married– friends and family flew in from all corners of the world to celebrate with us
  • John starting his practice– such a huge accomplishment with really wonderful patients and staff
  • meeting Mickey and Kayloo and adding them to our family
  • making the move to work from home
  • the little flower cart around the corner- you pay based on an honour system. Awesome.
  • having our daughter in a birth pool on her bedroom floor- John caught her… my mom arrived minutes later… we had a sip of Guinness to celebrate and I fell asleep in my own bed
  • walking to the amazing cafe down the street
  • our friends- the connections we have made here are priceless. I have worked and laughed and cried with very beautiful people here in Victoria
  • our neighbours (also friends!)- we truly have a little oasis here, our neighbours feel like family
  • being part of a supportive parenting community- I started some groups for local moms after our daughter was born and there are almost 1,000 members now… a huge group of supportive, informed and community minded women I have really grown to depend on
  • being interviewed by the CBC for the No More Mommy Wars, photo project+ everything to do with the No More Mommy Wars project! Incredible!
  • the people who love our little bug- our neighbours, friends, coworkers. It is a beautiful thing seeing other people love someone you love so much.

Oi. Why are we moving again?

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki

It’s scary to pick up and move in my 30s. I moved every year and a half or so in my 20s. Last count I’ve lived in over 20 places… but I’ve never moved my family before. We’re moving because we feel like this is what is best for our family but… ooohh…. what if we’re wrong? What if I’m wrong?

Holy shit, what if I’m wrong?

Family Photo Victoria BC

During one of our goodbyes a friend commented that this would be a “fresh start” and I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit. We have no personal contacts in Kelowna, John knows a few people through work but other than that we are starting over. Like, OVER over, baby. We don’t know ANYONE. We are moving for family but they are not in the area yet so the first while could be me wandering around aimlessly (desperately?) asking strangers to be my friend.

Ha, ha, heh. Just kidding… ha. Sigh.

I am a huge introvert (yes I am, trust me) so it goes against my nature to jump into social situations… but I’m going to do it, y’all.

I may need a little nudge every now and then though so feel free to follow up with me on that.

(love this photo below with the cherry blossoms! reminds me of the belly shots we had done with Maria Hutchison when I was pregnant)

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki at Beacon Hill Park

I’m going to have to update my little bio now, aren’t I? No more island living for me… off to the Okanagan…

Did I mention we’re moving to wine country?

Thank you, Victoria. Thank you for being the right place to start my family. I love you, I’ll miss you… I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Family Photo by Vivian Kereki

(we’re playing Ring Around the Rosie in the photo above, so glad Vivian caught it! Girl loves that game and INSISTS that everyone All Fall Down…)

2 Responses to “so long (for now) victoria… hello kelowna!”

  1. As someone who has started over drastically three times in the last six years, the first year is always the hardest. But as long as you keep putting yourself out there, good things will happen for your adorable little family. Keep us all posted and good luck!

  2. Shauna says:

    I am so excited for you guys. Moving to be close to family was so important to us. My parents left Prince George after well a very long time to be close to their grandchildren. It’s has been invaluable for our kids to be able to see their grandparents almost everyday. I wish you guys the best of luck.