so this is christmas

  Little Miss hangin’ out with her bud, Santa Claus (photo taken by the lovely Vivian Kereki Photography). As I write this she is sitting beside me saying “No way. Nope. No waaaay.” I’m not sure what she’s referring to, but she’s adamant. Twelve months have passed since her last Santa photo (obviously). Her hair […]

damned damned

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I am in my home office as I start this post. I am working. I can hear Little Miss down the hall with her attentive babysitter and she is chattering away owlabaloobahbah uppa! and I am here typing and I want to abandon my clicking keyboard and join her. Her […]

no more mommy wars! photos

Remember that photo project all about the Mommy Wars I told you about? The photos are finally live! This project is for you if you’ve ever felt judged as a parent. Being a parent can be DIFFICULT. It can also be all kinds of awesome, but when it’s tough we need support from one another, […]

labour day weekend… already

This is actually a picture from June. WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? Little Miss loves nothing more than to have control of the dog leash. If it is possible for dogs to roll their eyes Mickey pulls it off. Let’s throw all our summer love into this long weekend. It’s a lot of love. SUMMER WE […]

real parenting cfax1070 #mommywars podcast

Here is the link to Mommy Wars podcast from last Saturday. Our interview starts at 35:45. Notes to self: must work on my “hey there”… when I say “hello” at the beginning of the interview I sound positively saucy. Oh. My. God. Mortifying. I should have just thrown in a “how YOU doin’?” for good […]

real parenting cfax 1070 AM: chatting about the mommy wars

I’m going to be on the radio show Real Parenting CFAX 1070 AM this Saturday, Aug 10 at 12:30pm PST talking about the “Mommy Wars.” Exciting! You know the whole mommy war thing, right? It’s all that “Are You Mom Enough” and “I work inside/outside the home so I’m better” and “I breastfeed/formula feed so […]

a haiku (that’s right, a haiku)

There are piles of cotton everywhere in my house. Fuzzy blankets and squishy stuffed animals and bright mini socks and baskets of laundry and and and. It’s everywhere. It’s adorable and it drives me crazy. It’s so sweet and Little Miss loves it hugs it and names it George… and it drives me crazy. And […]

guest post @ victoria mom: motherhood is a zoo- mom friends help

I have a guest post over at Victoria Mom. Whoop! If you feel so inclined, please check ‘er out! Excerpt: There are many aspects to being a mom that didn’t occur to me while I was pregnant. I didn’t think about how my suddenly thinning hair would end up in a permanent ponytail for months […]

on the move

She can do it HERSELF y’all. Age: 14 months

the roses with grandma

Stopping to smell the roses with Grandma. This was right after my brother’s graduation. He has a PhD. He’s a Molecular Pathologist (I might be bragging a bit). Little Miss was a rock star during the ceremony. She chattered during the President’s speech and entertained the family sitting behind us with her antics. This could […]