What day is it? Who is this wee person yelling at me and why is she trying to climb into the dishwasher? Coffee, oh sweet saviour of mine, I need you more than ever. Happy Friday or something. Age: I took this on her 10 month birthday (Feb 2)

baby love

Wishing you love and love and love this Valentine’s Day! Age: 10 1/2 months More Valentine’s Pregnant Valentine’s Day 2012 (belly bump 34 weeks & about how being pregnant is weird) Valentine’s Dinner 2012 Valentine’s 2011 Valentine’s Cake 2010 (my dogs wrecked the remote control so I made a remote control cake. It’s really ugly) Doggy Valentine […]

my baby, my teacher: #4 everything is temporary

It has occurred to me that Naomi is going to teach me far more in her lifetime than I will ever teach her. She was teaching me before she was even born… so I thought I would start writing down the gems I’m learning in the hopes I’ll remember all the things to thank her […]


This is what inspired Naomi to crawl for the first time. A squeaky mouse. A squeaky mouse DOG toy. Kayloo’s favourite toy to be exact. It is dog slimed and dirty and generally gross. I wash it, sure, but it’s still gross. Naomi was entranced. Kayloo was put out because the hairless dog had trumped […]


About a week and a half ago after putting Naomi to bed I came into her room to find her standing up in her crib. What was amazing about this: I had never seen her stand up from a lying down position so I don’t know how she managed this Cirque du Soleil-type feat The […]

in a name

Monkey, Monkey Pants, Monkey Bum, Happy Bum, Funny Bum, Noomi Nohmi… … Trouble, Hairless Puppy, Honey Bunny, Pun’kin, Sweet Pea, Peanut, Princess Peanut… The list goes on… Age: 9 months, 3 weeks


Naomi has three teeth. Not two. Not four. Three. She says “mama” and “dada” and yesterday she started with “uh oh.” She likes to make jokes. There is this one she does when she’s laying on her belly on the bed where she gives you a good hard look, bounces her face into the mattress, pops […]

i can hear her laughing

I love this picture. I look completely crazy, but we were playing a sort of hide-and-seek game on Christmas morning. I was hiding around the door and Naomi would come walking past, holding my mom’s hands. As soon as she got close enough I would jump out and pound the floor and tickle her belly […]

Christmas 2012

Christmas! Did it come and go already? Crap, that happened fast. It feels like I was waiting all year for it to come and then… Poof! It’s over just like that. Christmas is my favourite time of year. Traditions and traditions and traditions. Brunch Sunday. Last minute shopping. Fondue. Chocolate orange. Waffles. And now a baby […]

my what big teeth you have

Naomi is impressed with Kayloo’s chompers. Age: 9 months