goodbye to a very good dog

I am very sad to share that our sweet dog, Miss Kayloo, has passed away. She died peacefully surrounded by her family. I am quite heartbroken. We all are. Kayloo was one of a kind. We adopted Kayloo from the Victoria Pet Adoption Society when she was about 3 months old. Despite a not-so-great start […]

in hiding

Kayloo hiding from the baby. Kayloo has always loved her crate, but now she LOVES her crate. She loves Little Miss as well (mostly because she is usually covered in food)… but I think her crate is a little piece of protected heaven.

tweedle awesome

Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedle Awesome. Naomi is Tweedle Awesome (obviously). She has a ruffly bum, she has to be Tweedle Awesome. Depending on the day Mickey and Kayloo take turns being Tweedledum. It generally has something to do with barking and waking Naomi up. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. All those big dog changes didn’t necessarily happen… […]


This is what inspired Little Miss to crawl for the first time. A squeaky mouse. A squeaky mouse DOG toy. Kayloo’s favourite toy to be exact. It is dog slimed and dirty and generally gross. I wash it, sure, but it’s still gross. Little Miss was entranced. Kayloo was put out because the hairless dog […]

dog art

These are two of the pictures up in Naomi’s bedroom. The one on the right of Kayloo isn’t actually of Kayloo. My mom and I found it when we were renoing my office. It looked exactly like Kayloo so I had to buy it. I think it was about $10. Bargain. I made the colourful […]

my what big teeth you have

Little Miss is impressed with Kayloo’s chompers.

cat nap

A quiet moment away from that noisy kid. The dogs are doing well with the baby, they are growing a bit too. Mickey has gotten more affectionate with strangers- he used to ignore most people who weren’t me. I guess he feels a bit shafted in the cuddle department at home  so he’ll let random […]

family photo- september 2012

Our latest family photo. It used to be relatively easy to get everyone to look at the camera. More Family Photos March 2012 (maternity) December 2009 (Christmas)  

poor mickey

You may not be able to see her in the background but Mickey knows she is there. Naomi. The baby. That kid is always ALWAYS around. Poor Mickey having to give up lap space. Does he look irked to you? Probably… Here’s Naomi tripping on how cool her hand is. Happy Friday! Age: 3 months

dog on the couch

I don’t often let Mickey on the couch on account of his give-him-an-inch-watch-him-take-a-mile personality. But I can be a sucker sometimes. Age: 2 months