the hairless dog

Mickey and Kayloo are doing quite well with the baby. The morning I went into labour John took the dogs to daycare and they stayed there for a little over a week. We figured getting used to a whole new human was a enough to deal with (we were right) and they would be happier […]

early start dog walker

Naomi’s first dog walk in her second week of life. She was walking the dogs in the womb, so we figured she may as well get started outside the womb right away. Age: 11 days

2012 family photo: mom, dad, mickey, kayloo and bump (before)

One more photo from our photoshoot with Maria… Our family in 2012 before + 1 made 5. More belly bump pics: 40 weeks pregnant 39 weeks pregnant 38 weeks pregnant 37 weeks pregnant (full term, baby) 36 weeks pregnant (needle) 36 weeks pregnant (professional photos) 35 weeks pregnant (inappropriate maternity wear) 34 weeks pregnant (being […]

dog beach

Kayloo loving every second of hanging out at the beach on Sunday. As we’ve discussed and photographed, Kayloo doesn’t actually swim on her own accord, but she did chase a few sticks into the water and we were very proud. If you were at the beach on Sunday, John and I were the ones clapping […]

bambino vs fido: on loving dogs less

Over the last several months I’ve been having conversations with people about my dogs and how they are going to do when the baby arrives. For the record I think Kayloo is going to practically twist her head off tilting it this way and that with every coo, gurgle and squeal. I think she will tap […]

fido workin’ the bib

My mom sent some baby stuff to us last week and one of the little outfits came with a little bib. The little bib has a giraffe on it, can you see it? Omg so cute. John put the bib on Mickey. I told my mom… she didn’t approve (“oh, that is so wrooong!”). What’s not […]

canine pregnancy detector

I knew I was pregnant before the tests confirmed it because of this dog right here. Kayloo started having a particular interest in my breath. When she had the chance she would get up close to my face, specifically my mouth, and sniff and sniff and sniff. She wouldn’t try to lick me, she just […]

life is good

This is a picture my brother took of Kayloo on her new dog bed. I think between that and the fire this dog is pretty pleased with life.

man and his dogs

End of the day with the dogs. Bliss.

caring bear stare

My family is visiting us to help with the painting right now. And this dog? This dog right here is an absolute hit with them. She may be rather crap on leash. She may slobber all over your face every damn time you bend down to tie your shoe. She may kind of smell regardless of […]