so long (for now) victoria… hello kelowna!

It’s happening… it’s happening… it’s happening! Our little family is moving away from the island we have called home for the last 7 years. (all photos taken by the very talented Vivian Kereki Photography at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC) We are moving to Kelowna, BC… that’s a 1/2 hour drive + a 1 […]

damned damned

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I am in my home office as I start this post. I am working. I can hear Little Miss down the hall with her attentive babysitter and she is chattering away owlabaloobahbah uppa! and I am here typing and I want to abandon my clicking keyboard and join her. Her […]

real parenting cfax1070 #mommywars podcast

Here is the link to Mommy Wars podcast from last Saturday. Our interview starts at 35:45. Notes to self: must work on my “hey there”… when I say “hello” at the beginning of the interview I sound positively saucy. Oh. My. God. Mortifying. I should have just thrown in a “how YOU doin’?” for good […]

real parenting cfax 1070 AM: chatting about the mommy wars

I’m going to be on the radio show Real Parenting CFAX 1070 AM this Saturday, Aug 10 at 12:30pm PST talking about the “Mommy Wars.” Exciting! You know the whole mommy war thing, right? It’s all that “Are You Mom Enough” and “I work inside/outside the home so I’m better” and “I breastfeed/formula feed so […]

mother’s day: the magic the mundane

My second Mother’s Day. The 2012 Mother’s Day picture makes me smile. I’m smiling but my chest was killing me and I was afraid she was going to start screaming her head off at any second. But I wanted the picture so I soldiered on. I am not a trooper as a general rule but […]

getting her vote on

It’s voting time here in British Columbia so John, Naomi and I headed out to take advantage of the early voting on Saturday. There were no lines, the staff were lovely and effecient and the whole process took about 6 minutes. Get your vote on, y’all! Get in your car, get on your bike, leave […]

Christmas 2012

Christmas! Did it come and go already? Crap, that happened fast. It feels like I was waiting all year for it to come and then… Poof! It’s over just like that. Christmas is my favourite time of year. Traditions and traditions and traditions. Brunch Sunday. Last minute shopping. Fondue. Chocolate orange. Waffles. And now a baby […]

family photo- september 2012

Our latest family photo. It used to be relatively easy to get everyone to look at the camera. More Family Photos March 2012 (maternity) December 2009 (Christmas)  

touching our toes

This is a shot of Naomi grabbing her foot for the very first time (July 18). It didn’t seem like she had any interest in her feet and then suddenly BAM, there she was grabbing her feet all over the place. In related news I went to my first yoga class in a gajillion years on […]

we went camping and we survived

Last weekend we went camping. In a tent. With a 3 1/2 month old. AND SURVIVED. Prior to leaving I was concerned about exactly three things: the drive there camping (in a tent, no less) the drive back Reasonable, no? We had to drive to a ferry that would take us to the mainland. Drive […]