my baby, my teacher: #1 born this way

It has occurred to me that Naomi is going to teach me far more in her lifetime than I will ever teach her. She was teaching me before she was even born… so I thought I would start writing down the gems I’m learning in the hopes I’ll remember all the things to thank her […]

speed date

On May 3rd, one month and one day after Naomi was born, John and I went on our first coffee date all by ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa took care of the wee one and the dogs… and we practically ran to the nearest cafe. Our date was 50 minutes long (including the time it took […]

the bow that is stable

Phew! Okay! So I made it through the few What! The! Hell! Is! Going! On?!!! first weeks of New Motherhood. I am feeling like my head is more or less out of the blur and I now feel expertly qualified to declare the following: Those first 2-3 (4… 5…) weeks after the little bean enters the scene… holy crap. […]

hockey shmockey

Time to get it together, Canucks. You’re boring my kid. Age: 9 days

2012 family photo: mom, dad, mickey, kayloo and bump (before)

One more photo from our photoshoot with Maria… Our family in 2012 before + 1 made 5. More belly bump pics: 40 weeks pregnant 39 weeks pregnant 38 weeks pregnant 37 weeks pregnant (full term, baby) 36 weeks pregnant (needle) 36 weeks pregnant (professional photos) 35 weeks pregnant (inappropriate maternity wear) 34 weeks pregnant (being […]

waiting for baby

At the risk of sounding incredibly obnoxious I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I’m rather enjoying this downtime before Bambino makes his/her appearance. After John was finished up with work yesterday I tagged along while he got his haircut. Then we escaped to a coffee shop, read (I didn’t bother with my book […]

quiet tea

I want you to know that I am taking your suggestions in the lead up to the Bambino Whirlwind seriously and I am doing things alone while I still can. Took myself out to Discovery Coffee this morning. I drank my tea, read my book and wrote in my journal.  Alone. I also purposely chose a black pleather […]

spring wine

Spring is coming, SPRING IS COMING!!! Snapped these with my phone when we took the dogs for a sunny walk on Saturday. Soon there will be gorgeous cherry blossoms and wild roses and other flowers I don’t know the name of and VERY SOON I’LL BE ABLE TO HAVE A GLASS OF WINE. Whoops. How did that […]

fun dates

Whenever I get groceries and I grab my soy milk or rice milk or whatever I always check the expiry date and it makes me think of something I’m looking forward to: Expiry is Dec 23rd! It’ll be 2 days before Christmas! Expiry is June 21nd! It’ll be 3 days before my birthday! Expiry is […]

many courses for valentine’s day

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! It looks better when you take the photo BEFORE the food is on the table. I know. You will notice that John has already placed his napkin on his lap and I have not. John married a heathen. We went to Cafe Brio. I know lots of […]