stark raving you say?

This bottle of Stark Raving Red is just lovely. NOT as lovely as the next bottle of red I’m going to post (it is Lovely, capital Hello) but for around $14 very decent (this Jennifer nails it). The guy on the label kind of looks like Tom Cruise, doesn’t it? Do with that what you […]

screw it! tee hee

I went into the store last week and picked up this bottle of shiraz. It’s called Screw It! (tee hee). I bought it for the following reasons: The name. The name. The guy at the store said that even though it was only $10.50 it was actually a pretty darn good wine. The name. I […]

spring wine

Spring is coming, SPRING IS COMING!!! Snapped these with my phone when we took the dogs for a sunny walk on Saturday. Soon there will be gorgeous cherry blossoms and wild roses and other flowers I don’t know the name of and VERY SOON I’LL BE ABLE TO HAVE A GLASS OF WINE. Whoops. How did that […]


This is the closest I’m going to get to a glass of wine for the next while. It’s a free-with-purchase cherry lip balm that came with the bottle of Naked Grape Pinot Grigio my mom picked up. Oooooh, the sacrifies we make…

lucky indeed

This was the last bottle of wine I bought before John and I found out I was pregnant. We had been trying for awhile. This time, more than any other, I bought this bottle of red specifically because of the name. I cannot even remotely remember what it tastes like (this girl seemed to like […]

antonio the bull

I bought this bottle of wine because it had a cute little anatomically correct bull taking a swig on the label. “Antonio the Bull, kissed this wine and he fell in love. Now he runs around the world and offers this wine to you.” Too funny. Also, the cap has little hearts on it and […]

sultry and pretty

Is it just me, or is there something absolutely scandalous about the label on this Juno cab shiraz bottle (Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, South Africa)? That woman is all kinds of sultry and with the vibrant colours on the black background… I think it’s very pretty (you can see more of the colourful artwork here). Snooth […]

as reflected in the mircrowave

An inexpensive cab sauv with a funky label. Awesome. Me reflected in the mircrowave. Wicked. Pairs well with Doritos. Fancy. (I thought it was a fine table wine. These guys didn’t like. Evidently I am the majority. I win.) Happy Saturday!

past midnight

John grabbed me this bottle of Caliterra for New Years (I have a tendency to stick with my trusty Cono Sur so it was great to branch out… still Chilean, still cabernet sauvignon but still, whatever). The plan was to sit on our duff’s, do our best to stay up until at least 10:30pm and […]

representative ornament

My inlaws got me this pretty wine bottle Christmas ornament this year. Last year they got me THIS. If I didn’t know better I’d think John’s parents were under the impression I am one to imbibe.