an extra in the choir

The Miller was propped by the chimney with care…

quality shopping

A few weeks ago when my in-laws came to visit they went shopping and they came back with this: I like it when my in-laws visit.

Vino From Pooh Corner

How cute is this label? Looks all Winnie the Pooh-ish to me, don’t you think? And organic, fabulous! Here is the link to their site.

Most Deserved

My mom, John and I went out for pizza and wine the night my mom and I finished my home office reno. It was the best damn pizza and wine I had ever consumed. I love being served wine in little glasses like this rather than in regular wine glasses. Makes me feel all euro-awesome.

The Right Tools For the Job

Behold: My painting tools of choice. What? You didn’t think I was going to show you a photo of some tatty ol’, gunked up paint brushes, did you? Nah. I think you guys know me better than that by now. Plus, I already posted that photo here.   I am putting the “Home Reno Unveil” post […]

Pass the Mr. Clean

The perfect end to my seriously scrumptious birthday dinner was some lemony limoncello. Mmmm. Love the stuff. I have heard people say that limoncello tastes like the smell of Mr. Clean. Whatever. I like me some Mr. Clean to round out my meal, then.


This week while my mom and I have been painting there has been a lot of trash talk. And cackling. Mostly trash talk. With all the carrying on, John has had to find some way to cope. This is another BlackBerry photo. Here is another.

Because Cheetahs are Cool

I bought this bottle of wine for a very obvious reason: Cuz there’s a Cheetah on the label. Duh. Just kidding (although, after my last wine purchase that wouldn’t be so surprising, would it?). I bought it because my mom said my brothers’ girlfriend liked it and GUESS WHAT. It’s pretty dang good. She doesn’t […]

It’s a Circus Around Here

I hope no one is under the pretense that I have any idea what I am talking about when it comes to wine recommendations. I bought this solely because of the name. Me at the liquor store: Oooh! Circus! That’s a fun name. I wonder if the people who made this were part of a […]

Chicks’ Night Rules

I went ice skating with some girlfriends on Friday night. CHICK NIGHT! Super fun. Turns out I SUCK at skating and it was more like shuffling/walking/waddling. The second part of the evening involved sipping full glasses of Chilean wine and I am VERY good at that so there weren’t any 8 year old screaming past me […]